Guest : Effie Chow, PhD, from the East-West Academy of Healing Arts.
Original airdate: July 20th, 2010

Dr. Effie Chow is a PhD acupuncturist and health practitioner who specializes in the integration of Western and traditional Chinese medicine. Her background is in nursing and she is a former member of the US Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She has been combining Western and Chinese medicine for over 40 years.

Her special emphasis is the importance of water to health. Humans are 70% water and without it, they would die within a day or two. The percentage of water is the same as the percentage of water covering the Earth’s surface.

A basis for Dr. Chow’s healing arts is the “Law of Five Elements” in Wu Xing philosophy. The five elements are wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Each represents a body part, mood or aspect of the universe. The relationships between elements are used to study or model the relationships between natural phenomena. Dr. Chow believes that every part of every human represents a part of the universe and that their totality represents the universe in microcosm.